Phone Flashing

Pike PC offers Professional Guaranteed Phone Flashing Service to  Page Plus for Most Verizon and Sprint Phones!

flashYour Flash will be a FULL FLASH which means that you will have EVERYTHING working including but not limited to:

  1. Talk
  2. Text
  3. Picture messaging (MMS)
  4. Full 3g web browsing

Give us a call or stop by either our Brundidge or Troy locations today.

Below is a partial list of phones that we can flash:

Brand Name 
Phone Name 
Verizon Samsung SCH-I545 (S4)
US Cellular Samsung SCH-R830 (Axiom)
US Cellular Samsung SCH-R970 (Galaxy S4)
US Cellular Samsung SCH-R530U (Galaxy S III)
US Cellular Samsung SCH-R950 (Note 2)
Verizon Samsung SCH-I605 (Note 2)
Verizon Samsung SPH-I100 (Gem)
Verizon Samsung SCH-I200 (Stellar)
Verizon Samsung SCH-I535 (Galaxy S3)
Verizon Samsung SPH-I400 (Continuum)
Verizon Samsung SPH-I500 (Fascinate)
Sprint Samsung SPH-D710 (Galaxy S2)
Sprint Samsung SPH-D710 (Galaxy S2)
Sprint Samsung SPH-D600 (Conquer)
Sprint Samsung SPH-D700 (Epic)
Sprint Samsung SPH-M910 (Intercept)
Sprint Samsung SPH-M920 (Transform)
Sprint Samsung SPH-M930 (Transform Ultra)
Sprint Samsung SPH-M900 (Moment)
Sprint Samsung SPH-L900 (Note 2)
Sprint Samsung SPH-L900 (Note 2)
Sprint Samsung SPH-D720 (Nexus S)
Sprint Samsung SPH-L710 (Galaxy S3)
Sprint Samsung SPH-L710 (Galaxy S3)
Verizon Samsung SPH-I415 (Stratosphere II)
Verizon Samsung SPH-I415 (Stratosphere II Type 2)
Sprint Samsung SPH-L720 (Galaxy S4)
Sprint Samsung SPH-L300 (Victory)
Sprint Samsung SPH-L300 (Victory)
Verizon Samsung SM-N900V (Note 3)
US Cellular Samsung Note 3
US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Mega
Sprint Samsung SPH-L710 (Galaxy S3)
Sprint Samsung SPH-N900 (Note 3)
Sprint Samsung SPH-L900 (Note 2)
US Cellular Samsung SCH-R970 (Galaxy S4)
Verizon Samsung SCH-I435 (S4 Mini)
Verizon Samsung SM-G730 (S3 Mini)
Verizon Samsung SCH-I535 (Galaxy S3)
Verizon Samsung SCH-I605 (Note 2)
US Cellular Samsung SCH-R830 (Galaxy S3 Mini)
Verizon LG VS870 (Lucid 2)
Verizon LG vs700 (Enlighten)
Verizon LG VS930 (Spectrum 2)
Verizon LG VS910 (Revolution)
Verizon LG VS740 (Ally)
Verizon LG VS660 (Vortex)
Verizon LG VS950 (Intuition)
Sprint LG (LS980) G2
Verizon LG VS890 (Enact)
Verizon LG VS980 (G2)
US Cellular LG Optimus F7 (US780)
Verizon Motorola A855 (Droid)
Verizon Motorola MB810 (Droid X)
Verizon Motorola MB870 (Droid X2)
Verizon Motorola A955 (Droid 2)
Verizon Motorola A956 (Droid 2 Global)
Verizon Motorola WX445 (Droid Pro)
Verizon Motorola XT862 (Droid 3)
Verizon Motorola XT894 (Droid 4)
Verizon Motorola XT912 (Razr MAXX)
Verizon Motorola A555 (Devour)
Verizon Motorola XT865 (Bionic)
Verizon Motorola XT912 (Razr)
Verizon Motorola Motorola BP Tools
Sprint Motorola MB855 (Photon)
Sprint Motorola MB612 (Xprt)
Sprint Motorola Moto X
Verizon Casio C771 (G™ZOne Commando)
Verizon Sony Xperia Play
Verizon HTC ADR6325 (Merge)
Verizon HTC ADR6200 (Eris)
Verizon HTC ADR6350 (Incredible 2)
Verizon HTC ADR6300 (Incredible)
Verizon HTC ADR6435 (Droid DNA)
Verizon HTC ADR6410 (Incredible 4G)
Verizon HTC ADR6330 (Rhyme)
Sprint HTC Evo LTE 4G
Sprint HTC A6262 (Hero)
Sprint HTC APA7373KT (Evo Shift)
Sprint HTC PC36100 (Evo)
Sprint HTC PG86100 (Evo 3D)
Sprint HTC PH44100 (Evo Design)
Verizon HTC ADR6425 (Rezound)
Verizon HTC ADR6400 (Thunderbolt)
Sprint HTC AP801CWH (One)
Verizon HTC 6500LVWS (One)
Verizon HTC One Max
Verizon PCD/UT/Pantech ADR910 (Marauder)